Our story:
We know how planning for ‘exploratory trip’ can be lengthy and tedious, how many of us have spent days researching online, reading through endless blogs and reviews for any destination.
If you aren’t a full-time traveller, we understand how stressful and tiresome it becomes to plan for your ‘perfect trip’

Travart was created to make your life easier, our group or solo trips are structured in a way to help you explore each destination the way it should be: to give you the freedom to choose what you want to do independently or with a group, explore like a local, bond with new friends, make memories for a lifetime. 
We do this with the help of full-time travellers who help us plan trips based on their personal experiences, followed by a visit by our in-house destination experts to do quality checks to create the most comfortable, safe, exploratory and adventurous trip possible. Once we do all the research of our ‘Epic Trips’ you are ready to book these trips on our website with just a few clicks away.  

  • No hidden costs and no surge pricing.
  • Available to citizens of more than 140 countries, a truly global travel company.
  • Your safety is our #1 priority, even more than the trip experience. 
  • We are accessible 24x7 throughout the year 
  • We will never spam you
  • We love to take care of you. We strive to create a great experience for you every time, and that is our only focus.
  • Also, we love you.